Wing Between The Legs Dribble Pull Ups W Step Back & Shooting Drill

3pt. shooting/footwork.
  • Start at the wing - get a ball, dribble between the legs and simultaneously slide to the side, then step back and shoot.
  • Alternate hands. 10 makes!
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    Characteristic boost
    Dribbling: +1
    Three-pointers: +2
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When basketball players practice shooting drills, the Wing Between the Legs Dribble Pull Ups with Step Back exercise is an effective basketball drill to add to their routine. This drill requires players to begin at the wing and dribble between the legs before simultaneously sliding off to the side and stepping back. Then players must shoot using both hands alternately. Doing this drill ten times will help basketball players improve their shooting accuracy and overall skillset. It will also increase basketball endurance and speed up reflexes, making basketball training more efficient in terms of time and results.
— Coach Dan