Scoops & Shooting Drill

Focus on shooting drill.
  • Find a wall and stand 10-15 feet away from it.
  • Get into the square position.
  • You would need 2 balls. Start with a strong hand - scoop pass it to the wall.
    Once it hits the wall, scoop pass it with a weak hand. Try to go non-stop for 20 reps.
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The basketball drill we're discussing today is a great way to practice your shooting and scooping skills. All you need are two basketballs, a wall, and the willingness to improve. Stand about 10 to 15 feet away from the wall, get into an athletic position, hold onto a basketball in each hand, and start strong with a scoop pass. The basketball will ricochet off the wall and that's when you swoop in quickly with the same hand or switch it up with your weak hand and make another scoop pass back towards the wall. Continue this drill for 20 reps without taking any breaks-- it sounds like hard work but as they say, no pain no gain!
— Coach Dan