Pound, In-N-Out, V-Dribble. Between & Dribbling Drill

Focus on a basic lay up technique.
  • Body in the low square position.
  • Hard pound, in-n-out, V-dribble in front of the body and then between the legs dribble using one hand.
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Basketball players often rely on complicated and precise dribbling drills to gain an advantage over their competition. One such drill involves being in a low square position and using the "pound, in-n-out, V-dribble" technique. This involves using the basketball with one hand to pound it hard against the court then alternating between an in-n-out motion while dribbling, followed by a V-dribble where the basketball is dribbled between the legs of the player. When done correctly, this exercise can improve footwork and ball control for basketball players at any level.
— Coach Dan