2-Ball Kills & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Dribble both balls waist high at the side, and then suddenly "kill" them as low as you can go.
  • Then bring them back up to waist high and kill them low again. Also, instead of a stationary drill, you can try this drill on the move, up and down the floor.
  • Make a jump stop just prior to "killing" the balls. Then go forward again once you bring the balls back up to waist-high.
    Teach points: 30sec x 2 times.
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Basketball players of all levels can work to improve their dribbling skills with drills like 2 Ball Kills. This drill involves keeping both basketballs waist-high, and then suddenly "killing" them as low as possible. The basketballs should then be brought back up to waist high before being killed low again. For an added challenge, basketball practitioners can try this drill while on the move, traveling up and down the basketball court and completing a jump stop just prior to killing the balls. Doing this exercise for 30 seconds at least two times can help basketballers develop their ball handling capacity and inculcate better dribbling habits.
— Coach Dan