Zig Zag Speed drill & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Set up 5 cones (or any other marker) in the zig-zag pattern approximately 7-8 feet away from each other.
  • Start at the first cone and accelerate to the next one at maximum speed, break it down while staying low, change a direction and accelerate again till the last cone.
  • Once you pass the last one - explode again!
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost

    Speed: +1
    Agility: +1
    Stamina: +1
  • 2
    +12 coins
Basketball players looking to up their dribbling game should try the Zig Zag Speed Drill. Start by placing five cones or other markers in a zig-zag pattern at least seven to eight feet apart. Enter the course at full speed, breaking it down effectively while staying low as you sprint between each cone, changing directions in order to maintain an effective rate of acceleration until you reach the final cone. When you pass the last one, increase your speed even further for an explosive finish! This basketball drill helps improve awareness and control around the basketball court while boosting your agility and accuracy with dribbling drills.
— Coach Dan