V-dribble & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Body in the low square position.
  • V-dribble in front of the body.
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In basketball, developing a solid dribbling technique is essential for success. One of the drills players can use to develop their ball-handling skills is the body in the low square position and v-dribble drill. In this basketball drill, players start in a wide and low stance with their feet spread far apart and bent at the knees. From this starting position, they then proceed to perform v-dribbles in front of their body while keeping their body slightly crouched forward. This drill helps to improve speed control and balance while also allowing the player to maintain grip on the basketball more effectively. With repetition, basketball players will become better dribblers and be able to stay in control when making plays on the court.
— Coach Dan