Up And Downs/Left And Right - Pound Dribble & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • You can start with both balls at waist height, and then pound them low to the floor and move them on the each side. Pound it.
  • Teach points.
  • 45sec x 2 times.
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost
    Dribbling: +1
    Agility: +1
    Stamina: +1
  • 2
    +4 coins
Develop basketball skills with an effective drill! One of the best ways to practice basketball dribbling is the Up And Downs Left And Right Pound Dribble. Starting at waist height, the ball should be pounded low to the floor on each side for 45 seconds and then repeated for two sets. This drill can help basketball players to learn how to effectively control the ball and quickly move it back and forth. The Up And Downs Left And Right Pound Dribble can also help basketball players improve their coordination and hand-eye coordination. With consistently practicing this drill basketball players are sure to see big results get out of this basketball drill!
— Coach Dan