Turkish Step & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Body in the low square position. On the first step, drop cross the ball and quickly dribble it with the other hand while staying square.
  • Then, on the next step dribble retreat and change the direction.
  • After that, make 3-4 steps back and switch hands.
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One basketball drill that players can use to improve dribbling skills is known as the body in the low square position. To execute this drill, the player should begin by dropping cross their ball, quickly dribble it with their other hand and stay squared. On the next step, they should dribble retreat and change direction. After then making three to four steps back and switching hands, the player moves into a turkish step variation; that is, the ball will be transitioned between feet while walking or running. The body in the low square position basketball drill allows players to become more comfortable with basketball and build up core strength when played at a fast-paced tempo.
— Coach Dan