Split Stance Balance & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Get into a split squat position with your feet hip wide apart.
  • Put one foot out front and one foot behind. Hold this position (15 sec for ms, 30 sec for hs, and 45 for college and up).
  • Make sure everything is stable from your neck down.
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Split stance balance is often neglected, but it's a critical basketball drill for players of all levels. Getting into the split squat position - with one foot forward and the other behind your body - and holding it for at least 15 seconds helps keep basketball players strong and balanced while dribbling, jumping, and running. Doing this basketball drill regularly makes sure players are able to maintain stability in their lower bodys when they use their upper body while dribbling, which is a crucial component of basketball performance. Plus, increasing the amount of time spent in the split squat increases strength and stability in both legs. If you're serious about your basketball game it's essential to incorporate more split squats into your training program.
— Coach Dan