Ouside Foot Pivot Shot & Shooting Drill

Focus on the shooting and curls.
  • Start approximately 10-15 feet away from the basket facing the sideline.
  • Flick the ball to yourself, make the outside foot curl on the catch and shoot the ball.
  • Make 5 and switch sides.
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    Characteristic boost
    Mid-range shots: +1
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An important basketball drill to increase your shooting accuracy is called the "outside foot pivot shot". Starting approximately 10-15 feet away from the basketball hoop, you should flick the ball to yourself and catch it with your outside foot. From this position you should then shoot the basketball and make at least 5 shots on one side before switching to the other side. This basketball drill will not only help increase your shooting accuracy but also teach you how to use a quick release shot from further away from the basket.
— Coach Dan