Hesi Shooting & Shooting Drill

Focus on the hesi move before the shot while moving.
  • Start at the wing and shoot a jumper atfer the hesi move.
  • After rebounding the ball, get out to the opposite wing with dribbling, and go again.
  • Try different driving angles and bang shots.
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost
    Dribbling: +1
    Mid-range shots: +1
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    +5 coins
Basketball shooters aiming to improve their craft should try the hesi move drill. The drill begins by catching the basketball at the wing, hesitating and then shooting a jump shot. Once the basketball is rebounded, it's time to switch up the drill and drive from the opposite wing. It's important to give different angles a try as this encourages improved balance and accuracy when putting up shots. Whether you use a crossover or other creative moves, make sure you stay explosive when driving before banging in your jump shots. This type of hesi shooting drill is great for improving shooting performance over time.
— Coach Dan