Fingertip Touches & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Start ball fingertip touches at the waist, than at the chest, overhead, at the feet and come back to starting position.
  • Teach points.
  • Keep straight arms, make 12 reps on each position.
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    Characteristic boost
    Dribbling: +1
    Agility: +1
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Basketball drills are essential for any basketball player to make sure they get the most out of their game. Fingertip touches are a great way to drill ball-handling while increasing strength training in your arms and upper body. To start, position the basketball around your waist, with both hands straight gripping at fingertips. From there, perform 12 reps of dribbling up towards your chest, then overhead, and finally at your feet back to the starting waist position—repeating this movement throughout each of the positions. This basketball drill is a fantastic way for basketball players to improve their dribbling technique and strengthen their arms at the same time!
— Coach Dan