Eurostep & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Put 1 minute on clock an each type of finishing.
    Start on the right wing and after rebound you should relocate to another wing. After rebound you should make autopass, takes front pivot and next attack.
  • The Euro Step is a move where the player with the ball will pick up their dribble, take a step in one direction, and then quickly take a second step in a different direction before shooting or passing.
  • Teach points: Beginning in the triple threat position. You need the baseline drive. You should doing as closely to game-speed as you can. Try to score as more as you can.
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To perfect the basketball drill that requires one minute to execute, beginning by standing in a triple threat position and then initiating a baseline drive. This should be done as close to game-speed as possible in order to mimic the situation of an actual game. Once the rebound is made, relocate quickly and make use of the autopass by taking front pivots and attacking the basket for a score. Utilizing an Euro Step move, you can take two steps in different directions with speed and finesse before shooting or passing. With four minutes overall dedicated to this basketball drill, practice makes perfect!
— Coach Dan