Elevated One Legged Hip Holds & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Find a point of elevation. Lay down in a face-up position and put one foot up on it.
  • Bring your other leg up, push thru the heel and drive your hips up.
  • Hold this position (15 sec for the MS, 30 for the HS, 45 for the college-age players and up)
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In basketball, dribbling is an essential skill to have for player success. To help basketball players perfect their dribbling and to learn balance, basketball coaches can lead the team in an Elevated One Legged Hip Holds drill. In this drill, basketball players should find a point of elevation, such as a step or box, then lay in a face-up position with one foot up on the elevation and gradually bring the other leg up before pushing through their heels and driving their hips upward. Players should hold the position for different lengths of time depending on age; for example, players ages 6-8 should held the elevated position for 15 seconds, those ages 9-11 should be at 30 seconds and so on until college-age players who will hold it for 45 seconds or more. Ultimately, this drill encourages basketball players to develop efficient dribbling while improving balance and stability.
— Coach Dan