Elevated Back Foot Split Squat Jumps & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Put your back foot on the elevated surface and get into a split squat position with your feet hip wide apart.
  • Make sure everything is stable from your neck down.
  • Get down from this position and jump up. Maintain your balance.
    Make a pause for a second at the lowest point.
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Basketball players often use basketball drills to become more efficient on the court. One particular drill is known as Elevated back foot split squat jumps. It requires basketball players to start with their back foot placed on an elevated surface while they remain in a split squat position with their feet hip wide apart. From this point, basketball players should proceed to get down and jump up quickly while maintaining their balance while making sure the rest of their body is stable, pausing for a second at the lowest point. This basketball drill can be extremely helpful when it comes to taking sharp turns and improving dribbling motions, making basketball players more effective overall.
— Coach Dan