Dribble crossover - air pass & Shooting Drill

Focus on shooting drill.
  • Find a wall and stand 10-15 feet away from it.
  • Get into the square position. Dribble the ball, cross it over, and push it forward.
  • Try to hit the same spot at your chest level all the time. Once the ball bounces back, repeat the sequence.
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An effective basketball shooting drill can be done at home with a basketball and a wall. To begin, position yourself 10-15 feet away from the wall in a square formation and dribble the basketball in front of you. Then, perform a dribble crossover and an air pass toward the same spot on the wall at chest level. As soon as the basketball bounces back, repeat this sequence several times in order to strengthen your basketball shooting technique. With this simple basketball drill, you can improve your accuracy from any distance and hone your basketball skills.
— Coach Dan