Dribble Combo & Hand-off Vertical leap

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Start on the baseline in a good square position. The ball is on the right side.
  • Dribble for a minute straight up: V-dribble, cross, between.
  • Count how many times you can do this combo in 1 minute. Then switch sides. Try to beat your score every time
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    Dribbling: +1
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Bump up your basketball dribbling skills with this drill. To start, get in a good square position on the baseline and make sure the ball is on the right side. Over the course of one minute, practice a checkerboard dribbling pattern of combining V-dribbles and crosses, along with an inclusion of between-the-legs moves. Count how many times you can complete this combination within 1 minute, then switch sides and attempt to beat your score. Challenging yourself in basketball drills will sharpen your dribbling and up your streetball game no matter what level you are at.
— Coach Dan