5 By 2 shooting & Shooting Drill

  • 5 spots (3pt and midrange).
  • Catch and shoot shooting. Start form the corner 3pt. Make a shot and move to midrange.
  • Make the midrange move to the 3pt on the next spot. Miss a shot go to middrange. Must get 2 makes. 1-2 step footwork.
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost
    Three-pointers: +1
    Mid-range shots: +1
  • 2
    +50 coins
Looking to improve your basketball shooting? Try out the "5 by 2 Shooting" drill! This basketball drill combines both 2-point and 3-point areas for a comprehensive shooting practice. Starting from the corner 3-pointers, make a shot and move onto a midrange shot. If you miss the shot, simply proceed to the next midrange location. In order to complete this drill, you must make a minimum of two shots out of five; maintaining correct footwork with one- or two-step movements is crucial in making sure every shot is on target. So go ahead and give this drill a try!
— Coach Dan