Wing Between The Legs Dribble Pull Ups W The Overhand Dribble & Shooting Drill

3pt. shooting/footwork.
  • Start at the wing - get a ball, dribble between the legs and simultaneously slide to the side, then use the overhand dribble and shoot.
  • Alternate hands. 10 makes!
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    Dribbling: +1
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Basketball shooting drills can be incredibly beneficial to improving skill level. A practical drill begins on the wing; start with a basketball, then dribble the ball between your legs while simultaneously sliding to one side. Once you reach the spot, transition to an overhand dribble--the traditional basketball dribble--and then shoot and make 10 shots. To increase difficulty, alternate hands as you go; using both will help your basketball skills quickly improve. Shooters should practice this basketball drill often to become skilled in their craft!
— Coach Dan