V-Dribbling Dynamic & Hand-off Vertical leap

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Start on the baseline in a good square position. Go up and back using V-dribble.
  • Switch hands every time.
  • Follow the order: V-dribble in front, V-dribble on the side, combine both.
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Basketball drills can be incredibly useful for basketball players looking to improve their game. One drill that is sure to sharpen your basketball skills is the V-dribble drill. To start, begin at the baseline in a solid square position and move up and back while using the V-dribble technique. You will switch hands each time you complete a repetition, going from V-dribbling forward, then to the side and finally combining front with side V-dribbling. This dynamic basketball drill will help you maximize your basketball performance on the court and develop a mastery of dribbling with various hand switches!
— Coach Dan