Up & Under & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Put 1 minute on clock an each type of finishing.
    Start on the right wing and after rebound you should relocate to another wing. After rebound you should make autopass, takes front pivot and next attack.
  • Up&under move is used to make a defender jump so the ball handler can go underneath the defender and take an open shot.
    It consists of a pump fake and then a step through towards the basket.
  • Teach points: When performing an Up&under the player must keep his pivot foot on the floor through the entire move.
    You should doing as closely to game-speed as you can. Try to score as more as you can.
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Doing basketball drills can seriously help you improve your basketball skills, and one of the most helpful drills to learn is the Up&under. This basketball drill requires you to start on the right wing, rebound, autopass, take front pivot and attack. As you do the move it is important to remember that your pivot foot should remain on the floor throughout this entire drill. You should do this drill at a game-speed pace so you can get comfortable with performing moves in an actual basketball game situation. Practicing this basketball drill will help to increase your basketball quickness as well as improve your dribbling technique and confidence for executing accurate shots during basketball games.
— Coach Dan