Up The Line Finishing & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Start on the baseline facing the block.
  • Dribble up full speed to the elbow, use a behind the dribble to turn around, and then attack the basket full speed.
  • The first shot is a regular layup (left-foot, right-hand), the next shot is the same foot same hand and the last one is inside hand. Once you score 15, switch sides.
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    Characteristic boost 
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Adding Up the Line finishing to basketball training sessions is an effective way to improve shooting consistency. The drill starts on the basketball baseline and has dribblers quickly advancing up full speed to the elbow. A defender can be set up at the elbow if needed. With a behind-the-dribble turn, players can then attack the basket in full speed and go through three consecutive shots -- a left foot, right hand layup followed by a left foot, right hand shot, and then an inside hand shot. Players should aim for 15 makes before switching sides on the court. This basketball drill helps players get game-like reps in a short amount of time for maximum training benefits.
— Coach Dan