Two Dribbles Stationary Passing & Shooting Drill

Focus on shooting drill.
  • Find a wall and stand 10-15 feet away from it.
  • Get into the square position. Dribble the ball twice and push it forward. Try to hit the same spot at your chest level all the time.
  • Once the ball bounces back, dribble it twice right away and pass it again.
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If basketball shooting is what you desire, then two-dribble stationary passing drill is the perfect basketball drill for you. Simply find a wall and stand 10-15 feet away from it in a square position. Start by pushing the ball forward with two dribbles while aiming the same spot on the wall at your chest level. The ball should bounce back to you, to which you respond immediately with two dribbles once again and pass it towards the same spot. This basketball drill will hone your shooting accuracy like no other!
— Coach Dan