Tuck Jumps & Hand-off Vertical leap

Vertical leap development workouts.
  • Start in the square position, and jump up while bringing your knees to the chest.
  • The goal of the drill is to lift your feet on the ground as quickly as possible.
  • Go for 3 sets, 6 reps each.
    Rest for 1-2 mins between each set.
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    Characteristic boost
    Stamina: +1
    Vertical: +2
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Tuck jumps are one of basketball's favorite exercises for improving vertical leap and agility. To do a tuck jump, stand in the square position first, then using your legs and core muscles to propel your body upwards, bring your knees all the way up to your chest while jumping as high and as fast as you can - the goal being to get both feet off of the ground. Try doing 3 sets of 6 reps each, being sure to rest for 1-2 minutes in between each set. With regular practice, you will soon discover dramatic improvements in basketball performance.
— Coach Dan