Step Backs & Shooting Drill

Focus on a step back move of the dribble.
  • Start at the top of the key and attack downhill with a step back and jump shot.
  • After the shot, get your own rebound, dribble up to any spot at the 3 point line, and attack the opposite way.
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost
    Three-pointers: +1
    Mid-range shots: +1
  • 2
    +5 coins
Basketball drills are essential to a player's development and there is no better drill than the step back and jump shot from the top of the key. Starting at the top of the basketball court, attacking downhill with a strong step back and a quick jump can improve shooting range and accuracy in no time. After the shot, remember to get your own rebound so you can dribble up to any spot at the 3 point line and attack again in the opposite direction. Through repetition of this basketball drill, players can master their movement and shots creating an effective offensive weapon on the court.
— Coach Dan