Stationary Overhand lay Ups 2 & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Start on the side of the basket and shoot overhand lay ups nothing but net.
  • Once you score ten - switch sides.
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An essential basketball drill, stationary overhand lay ups are a great way to practice dribbling into a layup and shooting. This is an excellent basketball drill because it requires players to stay within their own lane and ensure accuracy when coaching up the basketball with one hand. Start on one side of the basket, then take your basketball down the lane while dribbling and finish by throwing an overhand lay up! The goal of these layups is nothing but net! Once you score ten – switch sides and do it all over again. This drill can be beneficial for both rookies trying to work on their basketball skills as well as for professional players striving to maintain perfection.
— Coach Dan