Cross Step Sit Ups W. A Power Step & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Lay down on a floor. Do a sit-up and move one leg over the other while you are going up.
  • Make sure your back is flat, and you are not helping with your arms. The sole of your foot is on the ground. Once you cross - turn your whole body and get into the runner's pose and then go forward!
  • If you have space - accelerate for the 5-10 yards.
    Try to be as fluid with the movement as possible.
    Go for 5 reps and switch sides.
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Cross step sit ups with a power step is a basketball drill designed to develop agility and explosiveness while dribbling the basketball. To begin, lay down on the floor and complete a sit up while crossing one leg over the other as you rise up. Maintain contact with the ground through your sole and be sure to keep your back flat throughout the movement. Once you cross, turn your body into a runner's pose and make a powerful stride forward maintaining fluidity in the movement. As you accelerate down the basketball court for five to ten yards, get as many reps in as possible while switching sides. This drill assists with basketball conditioning providing an effective way to build strength and coordination on-court.
— Coach Dan