Rip Thru Jump Shots & Shooting Drill

Focus on a form, balance and footwork.
  • Start at the short wing with your back to the basket.
  • After the pass or self-pass, use an outside pivot and rip thru to face the basket and then shoot a jumper.
  • Try to maintain good balance and form.
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Perfecting your basketball shooting skills starts with the basics, and the rip thru jump shot drill is key for developing good form and balance. To begin, you should start at the short wing of the court with your back to the basket. Next, you must make a pass or self-pass before executing a powerful outside pivot to turn towards the basket. From here, your goal is to launch into a strong jump shot while maintaining this balanced position. Whether practicing alone or working with a basketball coach, this drill requires focus as it can help rapidly improve basketball shooting accuracy and increase confidence when it comes time to shoot in game situations.
— Coach Dan