Quick Feet Side To Side & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Put 2 cones half a step length.
  • Stand on either side. Start on one leg (farthest from the cone). Step into the middle and then to another side.
  • Get into the rythm for 30 and go back and forth.
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Taking basketball drills like the quick feet side to side to a whole new level, this exercise involves two cones placed half a step length apart and starting on one leg. By stepping in and out of the middle, basketball players are able to work on their dribbling skills without moving up and down the court. To truly feel the benefits of this drill, basketball players should strive for 30 seconds of going back and forth between both sides before taking a break. This basketball drill is simple yet effective in mastering basketball agility, ideal for any basketball player looking to get an edge over the competition.
— Coach Dan