One Leg Jumps Over The Line. Side To Side & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Start next to any line. Each leg hops over the line for 10 sec side to side.
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A basketball dribbling drill that can help improve both speed and agility is the side-to-side drill. Start next to a basketball line, such as the three point line or even mid-court which ever is suitable for your skill level; then, put one leg on the line, hop over it with the other for 10 seconds using quick, rapid taps, and then switch legs. This drill helps build dexterity in basketball players by forcing them to stay close to the basketball as they go side to side over the line. If done correctly and consistently, basketball players should see an improvement in their overall dribbling skill set, allowing them to take full advantage of any court position they find themselves in.
— Coach Dan