One Handed Finishing & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Face the basket couple of steps away.
  • Face the basket couple of steps away. Start with a regular layup and then score for a 1 minute straight as many layups as possible.
  • Every shot should be with 1 hand, and you cannot shoot the same shot twice in a row. Be creative!
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Layups are an essential basketball skill and adding this drill to your practice session can help you become more consistent with your shooting. Start a few feet away from the basket and attempt a regular layup shot. From there, ensure that each shot is executed with one hand only and that no two shots are the same, as you aim for a full minute of scoring as many basketball shots as possible. Within those 60 seconds, challenge yourself by attempting different angles of layups and vary your approach depending on the location of the basketball hoop. This drill can be useful in improving not only accuracy but also creativity in basketball shooting!
— Coach Dan