On The Move Shooting & Shooting Drill

Focus on draft combine.
  • Attempt as many shots as time allows from 15 feet while moving between spots (corners and elbows from both sides)
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    Characteristic boost
    Mid-range shots: +1
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When it comes to basketball shooting drills, On The Move shooting is among the most important. It helps players become more confident by improving their accuracy and shot selection while moving within the court. The premise of this drill is simple: shoot from 15 feet as many times as time allows, cutting between spots – corners and elbows from both sides of the basketball court. It’s an effective basketball drill as it not only allows players to work on their individual shooting form but also focuses on basketball-related skills such as their footwork, agility and quickness while they move around defenders. Practicing this drill will make basketball players better equipped to face the rigors of a real game situation.
— Coach Dan