Mikan Drill (All Variations) & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Start with a left foot (cross-step) right hand regular layup and switch to the right foot left hand layup on a rebound.
  • Go non-stop until you score 10. The following sequence is 1-2 step facing the basket.
  • Next is cross-step again, but reverse layup.
    Then 1-2 step reverse layup. And the last one is a cross-step wide hook layup.
  • The goal is to score all of the shots in a row.
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This basketball drill, known as the Mikan drill, is designed to help the basketball player perfect their left and right handed layups. It begins with a gentle cross-step to the basket while dribbling and shooting a regular layup with the right hand. On a rebound, switch up and do a left hand layup instead. Then, this sequence continues with another cross-step but in reverse position, followed by a 1-2 step reverse layup ending with a wide hook layup. The challenge of this basketball drill is to achieve 10 points in a row without failing. This exercise requires concentration combined with strong basketball skills for its successful completion.
— Coach Dan