Elevated One Legged Hip Thrusts & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Find a point of elevation.
  • Lay down in a face-up position and put one foot up on it.
  • Bring your other leg up, push thru the heel and drive your hips up. Maintain your balance.
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Elevated one legged hip thrusts is an important basketball drill that must be mastered if one wants to play the game to a high level. To do these correctly, first find a point of elevation, then lay down in the face-up position with one foot up on that elevation. From there, lift your other leg off the ground and push thru your heel as you drive upwards with your hips. Carefully maintain your balance as you reach full extension and contract your glutes for maximum effect. This basketball dribbling drill will help improve power and agility and should be practiced regularly for best results.
— Coach Dan