Elevated Back Foot Split squat & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Put your back foot on the elevated surface and get into a split squat position with your feet hip wide apart.
  • Make sure everything is stable from your neck down.
  • Get down from this position and get up. Maintain your balance.
    Make a pause for a second at the lowest point.
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If basketball is your game, this Elevated back foot split squat drill is perfect for you! This position helps improve balance and stability while you keep up with the dribbling pace on the court. It begins by placing your back foot on an elevated surface and getting into a split squat position with your feet hip wide apart. You should make sure that everything from your neck down is stable to prevent injury. From there, you will move down from the starting postion and then back up again, making a pause of a second or two at the lowest point to increase difficulty. So whether you're looking to become stronger in basketball or other sports requiring stable balance, try this Elevated back foot split squat!
— Coach Dan