Dynamic Single Leg RDL & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Stand straight on your injured ankle and make sure you hit 3 points of contact with the ground - big toe, pinky toe, and a heel.
  • Create the arch and then bring your opposite knee up in about 90 degrees position. Engage your glutes and core to stay stable.
  • After that, lean forward, bring your leg back and make it straight.
    Imagine a plank going thru your spine - your leg and spine should be straight and move together. Then, every time you go down, touch one of 3 different spots on the floor - in front of you, on the left, or on the right. Control your pelvis; try to keep it in a neutral position.
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The Dynamic Single Leg Romanian Deadlift basketball drill is an excellent way to strengthen and stabilize the ankle when coming back from injury. By standing straight on the injured leg and making sure that each step taken carries three points of contact with the ground – big toe, pinky toe, and heel – athletes are properly supporting their ankle and avoiding potential pain or further injury. Bending at the knee, engaging the glutes and core, and leaning forward while keeping both legs as straight as possible will provide a strong foundation in order to move onto basketball shooting drills. All while maintaining a neutral pelvis position, this basketball drill should be performed accurately with conscious awareness at all times in order to experience its maximum benefit without any extra strain.
— Coach Dan