Dynamic Combo & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Body in the low square position.
  • We are doing all 4 dribble moves (in-n-out, crossover, between the legs and behind the back) in a row on every step.
  • Then, 2-3 steps back and switch hands.
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One of the most effective basketball drills to help improve on-court handling of the ball is a dynamic combo dribbling move. This consists of the player getting their body into the low square position and then proceeding to complete all four dribble moves consecutively - in-n-out, crossover, between the legs, and finally, behind the back. On each step taken, these same four dribbles must be repeated until two or three steps are taken backward and hand switching takes place. This basketball drill is sure to gain increase any basketball player's confidence with the ball in their hands!
— Coach Dan