Dorsiflexion & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Put one foot forward a couple of inches away from the wall.
  • Gradually move your shin forward so your knee can touch the wall without your knee lifting.
  • After 5-6 slow reps, move your foot a bit further away from the wall. Compare the injured side to the non-injured side. The goal is to make them even.
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If you're looking to improve basketball shooting, a great drill to try is called Dorsiflexion. To perform this drill, start by putting one foot forward a couple of inches away from the wall. While keeping your ankle still and slightly bent, slowly move your shin forward until your knee touches the wall without your knee lifting up. After five or six repetitions, take a step further from the wall, and compare both sides. While the goal is to even out strength between an injured and non-injured side as you increase distance from the wall, Dorsiflexion also provides proper form when shooting basketballs for all skill levels.
— Coach Dan