Cross Step Sit Ups W. A Turn & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Lay down on a floor. Do a sit-up and move one leg over the other while you are going up.
  • Make sure your back is flat, and you are not helping with your arms. The sole of your foot is on the ground.
  • Once you cross - turn your whole body and get into the runner's pose. Try to be as fluid with the movement as possible. Go for 5 reps and switch sides.
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Cross step sit ups w. a turn is a basketball drill that has many advantages. First, it is helpful in gaining core stability, as the movement involves using the abdominal muscles to lift the torso into the upright position and lay it back down flat on the ground without help from the arms. Additionally, this basketball drill develops balance and power by requiring complete control over body movements while crossing one leg over the other during the sit-ups and turning suddenly at the top of each repetition. It is also beneficial for basketball players who are looking to increase their dribbling agility as this basketball exercise helps improve body awareness and coordination which come into play when dribbling or making quick directional changes. A simple but effective basketball drill, try 5 cross step sit ups w. a turns now!
— Coach Dan