Broad Jump - Vertical Jump Combo & Hand-off Vertical leap

Vertical leap development workouts.
  • Start in the square position, jump forward twice as far as you can, and then perform one more vertical jump.
  • Maintain a good form and balance.
  • Rest for 10 seconds between reps.
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    Characteristic boost
    Stamina: +1
    Vertical: +2
    Agility: +1
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An excellent basketball warmup or conditioning exercise is the vertical jump combo, which starts in a square position and has you leap forward twice as far as you can, followed by one more vertical jump. This combination really engages core muscles and helps to prevent injuries. Maintaining good form and balance is essential to maximize the effects of this exercise, so it is important to rest for 10 seconds between reps. The broad jumping part of this basketball drill will help strengthen your legs, while the vertical jump increases explosive power in your lower body. Furthermore, you will also build up balance and agility which are essential basketball skills.
— Coach Dan