Balanced Toe Touches & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Stand straight on your injured ankle and reach out forward as a position of a clock (forward, sideways, 45 degrees, another side, etc.).
  • Maintain a good balance.
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Balancing on one foot can be very difficult, particularly if you have an old basketball injury or something else in your ankle. Standing straight on your injured ankle and reaching out in the various positions of a clock - forward, sideways, 45 degrees, and the other side - is an essential basketball drill. This will help improve balance and shooting accuracy by strengthening the muscles around your ankle. Balanced toe touches are very important too, as they engage both feet with each repetition to get a good stretch in the lower leg muscles and tendons which also aid with agility and balance. Following these drills diligently can ensure that basketball players perform at peak efficiency on the court while avoiding further injuries to their ankles.
— Coach Dan