Air Passing & Shooting Drill

Focus on shooting drill.
  • Find a wall and stand 10-15 feet away from it. Get into the square position.
  • You would need 2 balls. Start with a strong hand - air pass it to the wall.
  • Once it hits the wall, pass another ball with a weak hand. Try to go non-stop for 20 reps.
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Are you looking for a basketball shooting drill to improve your basketball skills? This drill is perfect for basketball enthusiasts who want to sharpen their basketball abilities. It involves air passing two basketballs from ten to fifteen feet away from a wall. Start with a strong hand and pass it against the wall, then follow with a weak hand. Do this consecutively for twenty reps or more depending on how much of a challenge you desire. With consistent practice, this drill will help develop and refine basketball fundamentals such as hand-eye coordination, shooting accuracy and technique, and arm strength!
— Coach Dan