Advanced Mikan Drill & Shooting Drill

Focus On Shooting Drill.
  • Face the basket couple of steps away.
  • Start with a left foot (cross-step) right hand wide layup (almost like a hook) and switch to the right foot left hand layup on a rebound. Go non-stop until you score 10.
  • Use various angles and spins.
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Developing basketball shooting skills is an important part of any basketball player's skill set. An effective drill to help improve shooting accuracy and refine basketball technique is the Advanced Mikan drill. This drill requires players to face the basketball basket a few steps away. It begins with a left foot cross-step right hand wide layup that is almost like a hook, which then switches to a right foot left hand layup when the basketball rebounds. Of course, the goal of this basketball drill is to score 10 points. To make it more interesting, players can try to use various angles and spins as they keep shooting non-stop. Doing so will not only help them hone their accuracy but also enhance close-in basketball moves like layups, reverse pivots, jump shots and more.
— Coach Dan