25 3-Pointers (5 positions) & Shooting Drill

basketball shooting drill.
  • Shoot 5 x 3-pointers from 5 different positions.
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    Characteristic boost
    Three-pointers: +2
If basketball players want to be sharp shooters, then this shooting drill is the perfect place to start. The drill requires each player to shoot 5 3-pointers from 5 different positions on the basketball court. This can include either the top of key, the corners and wings, or any other area a basketball player finds comfortable. The shots should come from at least 25 feet away from the basketball hoop. This drill not only challenges basketball players to practice their shot selection, but it also helps them work on their accuracy when it comes to longer distance shots. With practice, basketball players will experience improved shooting accuracy no matter where they are on the basketball court.
— Coach Dan