20 Yard Accelerations & Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill.
  • Set up 2 cones (or any other marker) approximately 20 yards away from each other.
  • Start at one of the cones by leaning forward (almost falling forward before your first step) and exploding on at a maximum speed.
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Basketball players of all ages should incorporate 20 yard accelerations into their regular training. This drill requires minimal equipment: two cones or other markers about 20 yards apart. To begin, athletes will start at one of the cones by leaning forward and exploding off at maximum speed toward the other cone. As they reach the second cone, a basketball can be added to focus on dribbling technique as athletes move back and forth between both cones in varying levels and speeds of intensity. When done regularly, this drill is an invaluable basketball skill that can help players increase their acceleration and endurance on the court.
— Coach Dan