2 Steps lay Ups W-A Dribble & Hand-off Dribbling Drill

basketball dribbling drill
  • Start on the right of the side of the basket about one step from the block.
  • Place your left foot forward, make a dribble, take two steps forward, and shoot overhand lay up of the backboard.
  • Once you score ten - switch sides.
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A basketball drill every player should practice is the two-step lay up with a dribble. Start on the right side of the basket, placing your left foot forward and one step away from the block. Make one dribble and then take two steps forward before shooting an overhand lay up off the backboard. After you score ten, switch sides to make sure both sides are getting equal practice. Doing this basketball drill will help ensure you are able to shoot from different angles as well as improve your offensive play.
— Coach Dan