Wing Between The Legs Dribble Pull Ups W The Same Foot Stop & Shooting Drill

3pt. shooting/footwork.
  • Start at the wing - get a ball, dribble between the legs and simultaneously slide to the side, then use the same foot, same hand stop, and shoot.
  • Alternate hands. 10 makes!
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Basketball players know that mastering a basketball shooting drill is key to taking their on-court performance to the next level. The ‘wing between the legs dribble pull-ups with the same foot’ drill is one such basketball maneuver that can give a player an edge. It starts at the wing with a basketball and requires the dribbler to slide and simultaneously go between their legs before stopping and shooting. As this drill should be done with alternating hands, making 10 successful shots at once helps basketball athletes build confidence in their basketball skills as well as muscle memory for every repeat execution of this maneuver.
— Coach Dan