Various Lay Up Imitations & Dribbling Drill

Focus on a basic lay up technique.
  • Start stationary by imitating overhand lay ups for 20 reps, then switch to the underhand lays, side spin, and inside spin—a total of 80 reps.
  • Do the same thing with a left once you are done with a right hand.
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If basketball is your game, then practice makes perfect. As part of a great basketball training routine, begin with 20 repetitions of the stationary overhand lay up drills. From there, vary it up with some underhand lays, side spin lay ups and even inside spins to increase your dribbling skills for a total of 80 reps per drill. To complete the basketball drill, switch from doing everything with your right hand to doing it all with your left hand afterwards for more variety and to enhance accuracy.
— Coach Dan