Shooting Off The Dribble & Shooting Drill

Focus on draft combine.
  • The player takes 6 shots coming off the dribble from 15 feet away from the basket on the left break area of the court, right break area and the top of the key.
  • The shot is from about the distance of a college three pointer (20 ft. 9 in.). Count of the successful shots out of the total 18 shots, reported as a percentage.
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    Characteristic boost
    Mid-range shots: +1
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    +11 coins
Shooting off the dribble is an important basketball drill for any basketball player looking to develop their shooting ability. In this exercise, the player takes various shots from 15 feet away from the basket on the left break area, right break area and top of the key - similar to a college three-point shot distance. A total of 18 shots are taken, 6 shots per location - and success rate reported as a percentage. This drill can be used by basketball players of all skill levels to work on their basketball shooting accuracy, developing into a more efficient basketball shooter.
— Coach Dan