Ray Allen Drill & Shooting Drill

Focus on concetration and proper form.
  • Start on the short wing.
  • Shoot your shot, rebound the ball and self-pass/flick it to the same spot on the other side for the next shot.
  • Keep going between those 2 slots. You can use any footwork-jump stop/curls/pivots. The goal is to score 7 points. For every make adds you 1 point and every miss substructs 2.
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  • 1
    Characteristic boost  
    Mid-range shots: +2
    Stamina: +1
  • 2
    +15 coins
The basketball drill known as 'The Ray Allen Drill' is the perfect way to hone your skills on the basketball court. This drill involves shooting a basketball starting from the short wing, self-passing or flicking the basketball off the rim to the same spot on the other side, and then proceeding to shoot again until you score a total of 7 points. You can use any footwork such as jump stopping, curling, or pivots while shooting. For each make that you land in the hoop, add 1 point to your total number of points and for every miss subtract 2 from your tally. Train hard with this drill to shoot better and score higher!
— Coach Dan